Buckhannon Country Club
P.O. Box 953, Tallmansville Rd.
Buckhannon, WV 26201  304-472-2250 
Hole #1. Par 4 348 yards - A sharp dogleg left occurs about 230 yards from the tee. Any tee left and short of the dogleg leaves an extremely difficult shot for all except low handicap players. A good tee shot leaves the player about 90-100 yards into a small, flat green. Push the shot and you are flirting with a large Yew that could eat your ball. Pull your shot a little left and you are in a sand trap. Fly or bounce over the green and you may be out of bounds or if lucky, get a bounce off a wooden fence back towards the green. Seniors must drive their tee shot in the 210 range to get an open second shot, while the women's tee requires about a 100 yards to the prime second shot area.
Hole #2. Par 4 363 yards - The men's tee is a blind shot up over an elevated fairway that doglegs left and quickly falls away into a deep valley leaving an uphill shot to a green that is protected right front and left side with sand traps. A pulled, topped or skied tee shot is death and makes par extremely difficult. The prime second shot area is in the 250+ yard tee shot range and resting on the upslope some 150 yards or less away. Miss your tee shot just a little and you'll get some sort of uphill, downhill or sidehill lie. The right front trap gobbles up balls not well struck and out to the right. Just hope the pin is not tucked in on the right front of the green. The ladies and seniors yardage for the hole is in the 275 yard range
Hole #3. Par 3 206 yards - A par is well earned on this hole and a birdie is usually a stroke up on the field in a tournament or scramble. Just hope the wind is not blowing hard. For the most part it blows into your face. The green is protected by large oaks in the front left and are probably the most hit trees on the course. Push it just a little right and you'll be in a trap. Push it a little more right and you'll be in a pine thicket trying to run it below the low hanging branches and through the sand trap to get on the green. Pray the pin is not front and left. If so keep, keep your ball short of the pin. If you are long and on the back of the green, just say "shoot me." Senior hole yardage is 183 and women's 164 yards.
Hole #4 Par 5 488 yards - One of two par 5's, #4 is an excellent birdie opportunity as it is a straight away hole. In scrambles, most teams play for an eagle - that is if they connect with a good drive. Other than a very wayward drive right into pine trees or left into the Buckhannon River, there are few hazards that challenge an accurate drive down the fairway. While most players on their second shot will lay-up in front of the water protecting the front of the green, long hitters can and often go for the green in two. This hole has one of the larger greens, depending on the location of the pin, a player can face a big breaking putt. Senior's yardage is 368 and women's is 348.
Hole #5 Par 4 255 yards - The shortest par four generally requires a short-to-mid iron to an elevated fairway that cannot be seen from the tee box. Hit a wood and risk a steep downhill lie in the rough to an elevated green that is protected in the front and right by sand traps. A shot over the green goes down a steep slope in heavy rough. The hole has a fairly small green that has a significant slope in the front part of the green. Pin placements in the front often lead to 3-putts and sometimes 4-putt along with a flying putter. Senior yardage is 250 and women play the hole as a par 3 with yardage of 109.
Hole #6 Par 4 391 yards - Hole number 6 is the #1 handicap hole for the men. The tee shot is across a valley to a flat fairway in around the 150 marker. The hole has a slight dogleg to the right and many shots are pushed into the trees on the right, which most of the time requires a punch out. After a good drive, players have a short-to-mid iron slightly downhill to a flat green. Out of bounds traverses the left hand side of the fairway and with pine trees all the way along the right side. A trap behind the green gathers most long shots. Those that miss the trap can easily roll out of bounds. This hole is also the #1 handicap hole for the women whose yardage is 367. Senior yardage is 376, however, it is their #3 handicap hole.
Hole #7 Par 4 334 yards - Hole number 7 looks to be benign as it is straight away and often offers a short iron second shot into the green. An errant drive most often puts the player in the trees, again requiring a pitch out. Don't get complacent on your second shot as it requires total accuracy. Miss the green even slightly can be very punishing. Many a decent round has been ruined when the second shot goes left of the green, down the steep hill leaving one on pine needles, maybe behind a tree and faced with a steep uphill punch shot as slightest amount of height will knock the ball down and it will be back at your feet. If you do miss your second shot, pray that it lands short in front of the green. Senior yardage is 305 and women's 295.
Hole #8 Par 5 513 yards - Number 8 is one of the more picturesque holes on the course especially in the fall. The fairway is predominately straight with a slight dogleg over the last 200 yards. For the most part, it takes three shots to reach the green, but keep your shots out of the left hand rough as trees will come into play. Due to the very undulating nature of the fairway, you can get some interesting lies, such as a downhill lie to an elevated fairway. Unless you get your third shot in the 100 yard range, you will be facing a blind, uphill shot to a small green that is guarded front and right by a sand trap. Senior yardage is 485 and women's 479.
Hole #9 Par 3 152 yards - The picturesque ninth is a hole that has seen several "hole in ones" over the years. Senior yardage is 140 and women's is 132. The hole requires a well struck, accurate shot. A shot pulled slightly to the left will leave a tough shot from the rough to an elevated green. Go a little more to the left and you'll hit one of the overhanging trees, a common sight. Go right and you'll be in a trap. Go long and you'll most likely be penalized with a very difficult shot and possibly a penalty drop shot as it rolls down to the cart shed. The small green is relatively flat, but has some difficult to see slight breaks. After finishing #9, you'll pass the 19th hole to get a refreshment as you proceed to the 10th tee.
Hole #18 Par 3 135 yards - Well you made it to our beautiful 18th hole. Here's another hole that has had its share of "hole in one" shots over the years. Just keep your solid short iron shot straight so that it doesn't catch the trees and you have a good chance to be on the green. This is another green where the pin placement comes into play. Suffice it to say, a front pin placement is diabolical. We hope you enjoyed the course. Stop by and relax at the 19th hole.